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Witchy Waters ☆ Spiritual Cleansing Bath Ceremony

Witchy Waters ☆ Spiritual Cleansing Bath Ceremony

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Witchy Waters • Spiritual cleansing bath ceremony


This curated bath experience includes:

•A sacred blend of 3 Salts for purification, protection + release

•Hyssop, Goldenrod +Sage Bath Tea

•Herbal Body Poultice + a piece of Black Tourmaline

Each bath ceremony comes with full instructions to perform your very own ritualistic experience and magickal properties of the salt, herbs, flowers + stones

Enough for 2 bath ceremonies 


3 Salt bath soak: 

Red Alaea Salt: love // release

Black Salt: protect // banish

Epsom Salt: purify // cleanse // bless


Bath Tea:

Hyssop: Sacred bath magick // Cleansing // Protection // Blessings 

Goldenrod: Sunshine Energy // Honor // Spiritual Healer

Sage: Cleansing // Restorative 


Body Poultice: