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The Quartz Coffin Ritual Candle
The Quartz Coffin Ritual Candle

The Quartz Coffin Ritual Candle

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This gorgeous centerpiece comes to you in a heavy emerald green bubble glass antique dish; filled with organic soy wax + surrounded by handpicked earth.
Centered around a deep, dark smoky quartz crystal that came to us faceted into a coffin shape. This powerful piece emits a vibration that is meant to disperse fear, dispel nightmares + soothe anxiety. The coffin shape displayed prominently is a symbol of a place we can send our fears away for eternity; a final resting place for negative, stagnant energy that has been clinging to us. This smoky coffin is surrounded by a calming cream colored wax melt is symbolic of cleansing + purification. Adorned with roses, goldenrod + rosemary.

comes with a ritual card