The Hermit Tarot Self Care Kit
The Hermit Tarot Self Care Kit

The Hermit Tarot Self Care Kit

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The Hermit Tarot Self Care Kit

This beautiful kit comes with everything you need to deeply relax and turn within.

The Hermit Tarot invites your attention inwards and to look for answers within. It supports inner reflection, introspection, meditation, self-reflection, solitude + soul searching. 

Comes with:

A Jade Eye Mask - Use before bedtime to cool your eyes and bring the magick of Jade (This stone assists in emotional release + healing) 

Labradorite - Pleace nearby for illumination, protection from negativity + self awareness

Chamomile Face Mask - Mix with water until it forms a paste. Apply on your face avoiding eyes and mouth. Leave on while you soak and gently remove after 10 minutes. Allow the Chamomile to soothe your spirit + relax the body 

The Hermit Spell Candle - light this candle during your soak to heighten your inner reflection + soul searching

The Hermit Bath Ritual

Burnable Plants - place in a dish and break them up. Light the top on fire and use the smoke to cleanse the space prior to your bath 

Black Velvet Bag