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Rose Petal ☆ Shimmering Body Tonic

Rose Petal ☆ Shimmering Body Tonic

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This Body Tonic is infused with crushed rose petal powder to give you the full essence of the Rose as you go about your day.

Rose is a powerful yet soft flower. In Magick it brings compassion, love for yourself & others, it eases the nervous system and allows for a gentle flow throughout your day.

Rosewater, the base of this magickal tonic soothes the skin as it softens and hydrates... a dash of Mica & Argan Oil add a touch of silk & shimmer.

After showering set your intention and shake the bottle up. Spritz the entire body and rub in. The essence of Rose will be with you all day 


100% organic + cruelty free 

4 ounce glass bottle