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Personal Power Ritual Candle

Personal Power Ritual Candle

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Call on the radiant glow of yellow’s color magick to enhance your own inner power. Adorned with a yellow calcite crystal, associated with self-confidence + hope, this candle was designed to fill you with sunshine on a dark day. Topped with an exquisite yellow rose that confidently displays its petals; bearing its inner beauty for the world to see + marvel at. A sprig of rosemary accompanies this spectrum of yellow + offer protection as you yourself open. It was once said that the Goddess Aphrodite emerged from the depths of the sea draped with rosemary after birth.

This candle was was charged with love + intention by the river just after sunrise to channel rebirth + to call on Aphrodite’s connection to water. May you feel her guidance as this candle burns.

[each will vary slightly to honor the beauty + uniqueness in nature. please read the candle burning best practices/safety sheet to get the most out of your experience]