Peace & Protection ☆ High Vibrational Gift Set

Peace & Protection ☆ High Vibrational Gift Set

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Each item in this beautiful set was handpicked to provide you and your space with a high vibrational energy that promotes peace and protection. Sacred herbs and crystals are used together in harmony with magic and love to create a tranquil safe space.

This gift set includes:

☆ Hamsa & Elephant zip bag to store all these goodies in

☆ Palo Santo 

☆ XLarge Rosemary and Wild Sage smudge stick

☆ Amethyst, Black Tourmaline, Selenite and Crystal Quartz 

☆ Hand poured protection spell candle 

☆ Shell to place burning smudge sticks or palo santo 

☆ Sacred smudging feather to help move the cleansing and protecting smoke around your space 

This set is perfect for a new home or space that has others energy in it.