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Home Protection Bowl5
Home Protection Bowl5

Home Protection Bowl5

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Home Protection Bowl

Each Protection Bowl comes with a bag of black witches salt, moss, mixed plants, herbs + flowers for protection, an abundance spell candle, two raw pieces of Black Tourmaline + two Crystal Quartz.

As you put together your bowl hold in your mind's eye an orb of protection surrounding your home. Arrange your flowers + crystals around your spell candle...be sure to take your time to do this and truly feel safety, protection, health and the abundance of love + comfort. On the Cold Moon light your candle and allow the flickering flame to build this spell up. Place near a window where this bowl can be bathed in the full moon magick.

After the life of the candle is over you can place the full moon soaked bowl of crystals, salt + moss in your home or on your altar for ongoing protection + abundance of all in your space.