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Home + Harvest Protection Hanger
Home + Harvest Protection Hanger

Home + Harvest Protection Hanger

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Designed to be a beautiful beacon of protection for a new home, harvest or chapter of life.

dried flowers
to. signify the beauty that comes with change
black salt vial
to. absorb negative energy + spiritually toxic vibrations
brass witch bell
to. banish unwanted spirits + negative energies, call in positive ones, + clear stagnant energy in your space
smoky quartz point
to. protect + ground one physically and spiritually to this world, + to absorb and transmute significant amounts of negative energy + release it into the Earth to be neutralized naturally
clear quartz mini skull
to. cleanse + amplify the positive energies of the spirits around you
dragon’s blood cleansing bundle
to. amplify protection + honor spirits + ancestors
hanging glass tear drop terrarium

Arrange your DIY hanger in a way that resonates with your desires + use the items to protect your physical space, your inner world, + your autumn harvest.

comes with a ritual card that includes the information above

[each will vary slightly to honor the beauty + uniqueness of nature]