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Heart Warmer Crackling Cauldron Candle
Heart Warmer Crackling Cauldron Candle

Heart Warmer Crackling Cauldron Candle

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This beautiful cauldron comes to you filled with special plants + crystals arranged with great intention to aid you in igniting a fire within your heart space. A crackling wood wick grounds you during meditation + connects you via sound with the sacred fire in your soul. Adorned with vanilla incense + a burnable cinnamon stick that together conjure vibrations to promote your journey closer towards love, inner warmth + overflowing abundance.
A garden of deep burgundy roses, blue thistle + eucalyptus are arranged together to invoke a feeling of radiant confidence + ambition. Hand painted with 18ct. gold details to help stimulate success + achievement in the holder’s life + topped with a crystal quartz to amplify your intentions.

[each will vary slightly to honor the beauty + uniqueness of nature. please read the included candle safety card to get the most out of your experience]