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Heart Healing Ritual Set ☆ Ritual Kit for a broken heart

Heart Healing Ritual Set ☆ Ritual Kit for a broken heart

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Heart Healing Ritual Set


This beautiful set was made with the intentions of healing a broken heart. Inside are all of the tools you need to perform your own ritual.

Royal Velvet Lavender wrapped with a vibrant Red Rose Petal releases a fragrance that eases depression, helps to sedate the nervous system + helps you have a deeper more peaceful rest. You can leave as a bouquet and inhale the magical scents or burn a little at a time as incense.

Our Heart Song Bath Soak is a blend of 2 Salts to soothe your tired body and bring love + peace back into your physical world. Sprinkled on top is more Royal Velvet Lavender.

During your bath you can light your Blue Candle and place in its porcelin holder. The color blue in candle magick brings about healing from the inside out.

Rose Quartz is the stone of Love. This can be used to mend your broken heart, to boost self-confidence + self love. Place in your bath waters to soak it all in.

Lastly is our herbal infused Body Anointing Oil. After your bath anoint the body with this Royal Velvet Lavender, Goldenrod, Cornflower + Rose Petal infused oil to seal the ritual.

Each set come in a box filled with spanish moss + instructions for a heart healing ritual.