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Guiding Light Ouija Inspired Ritual Candle

Guiding Light Ouija Inspired Ritual Candle

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Pairing our love of Ouija history, use + symbolism with candle magick, we bring you this stunning autumnal ritual pillar to be used as decor or in your own spiritual practices during meditation.

Included with each quartz spell pillar will be a full set of •candle flame reading• tools + tips to aid the user as they explore their ability to summon guidance from the light through asking YES or NO questions.

The origin of ancient planchette writing used in the modern Ouija board dates all the way back to 1100 AD in the Song Dynasty. Often used as a spiritual tool for necromancy + communion with the spirit-world during sacred rituals and practices. Respected as potential tools of divination that foretold future events + helped to uncover hidden knowledge for the believer.