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Firewalker Bitters ☆ Woodspell Apothecary

Firewalker Bitters ☆ Woodspell Apothecary

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Firewalkers speaks to the creative soul and those that don’t shy away from the hot embers of life. This warming bitters blend perfectly captures the syrupy floral flavor of elderflower that is so difficult to preserve. Combined with sultry bee balm, balanced with the spice of tulip poplar and burdock, and rounded out with a hint of orange peel, this blend takes you on a beautiful journey of flavor and healing.

Besides being a unique flavoring agent to sparkling water or cocktails, bitters are a traditional digestive remedy dating back to ancient Egypt. Many modern bitters can even be traced back to the Renaissance era. These time-tested formulas help to:

  • Relieve gas, bloating & occasional heartburn*

  • Help curb sugar cravings*

  • Help with food sensitivities*

  • For healthy skin & gentle detox*

  • Encourage enzyme production*

How to Use:
To stimulate digestion, take 1/4 teaspoon before meals. As a flavoring agent, try mixing 1/2 teaspoon with sparkling water + fruit + fresh herbs + ice, or experiment combining bitters in different cocktails. Do not take during pregnancy.

Ingredients: Organic cane alcohol, spring water, tulip poplar, burdock, wild bee balm, elderflower and orange peel