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Feast of Flowers Ritual Chalice
Feast of Flowers Ritual Chalice

Feast of Flowers Ritual Chalice

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As we inch closer to a holiday season filled with more separation then togetherness, we hope this gift of light will warm your heart + fill your space with energy that soothes you.

Designed with family in mind; this ritual chalice has three flames to represent the ancestors you’ve lost, the family you have + the friends that you have chosen to love. Despite being miles apart, call upon the energy of these people that you have stored in your heart + forge ahead with a new type of connection.

A cornucopia of seasonal earth adorns your chalice to represent the sacred art of cooking + nourishment; both physical + energetic. Burn this candle while
you cook + with its guidance,
mediate on the beautiful memories + traditions passed down through your family lineage. Conjure your feast with these things as fuel + let its glow surround you like a warm embrace.

white color magick // for protection
crystal quartz // for clarity
blood orange // to uplift
strawflower // for longevity
star anise // to ward off evil
cinnamon // for healing
rosemary // to awaken there heart + soul
cedar // to represent the tree of life
rose // for love