Faerie Dust ☆ Ritual Candle

Faerie Dust ☆ Ritual Candle

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Dreamy blue soy wax poured into a vintage double handle milk glass vessel. Adorned with an amethyst point, magenta statice, locally grown lavender + a tiny spell bottle filled with flower petals and shimmering purple mica.

Release your spell bottle from the wax that surrounds it + remove from the candle. Pop open the cork + each time you burn add a dash of magick to the flame. Make a wish + call on the energy of faeries to carry your dreams into reality.

[Faeries are here to mentor + guide plants, animals and minerals. They observe and judge a person from beyond the veil based on their energetic patterns. How you treat the environment / animals will play a huge part in what kind of Faeries are drawn to you.

Operating from the heart center and experiencing love for not only yourself but for the Earth mother and all who live upon her, will enable the Fae to enter your path, allowing you to view the world and the people in it with childlike wonder, making life both playful and fun.]