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DIY Home Blessings Wreath KIT
DIY Home Blessings Wreath KIT

DIY Home Blessings Wreath KIT

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Comes with a small spell candle to seal your unique blessings for your home into the wreath + a crystal quartz to tuck inside to further amplify its energy. Also includes floral wire + twine. Crafted without the use of glue so you may toss your creation into a bonfire on a special occasion as an offering to your journey.

Cedar // hung above the entry door will work to drive away negative influences + evil spirits.
Eucalyptus // often used in spells or ritual to cast out evil, perfect for hanging over doors + windows.
White roses // represent new beginnings + inner peace
Pine cones // as a symbol of enlightenment + eternal life

[each will vary slightly to honor the beauty + uniqueness of nature]