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Cucumber & Calendula ☆ Rejuvenating Face Spritz

Cucumber & Calendula ☆ Rejuvenating Face Spritz

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This ultra restorative spray is made with healing ingredients that give your skin a super pick-me-up.

Calendula - which is locally sourced and organic heals dry, sun damaged skin. It relieves inflammation and irritations and is helpful with acne scars.

Cucumber Extract - this super cooling ingredient refreshes and tones the skin. It decreases puffiness and revitalizes the skin cells

Aloe - like Cucumber, Aloe is cooling and refreshing. It treats sunburns, heals skin damage and hydrates.

Rosewater - One of my all time favorite ingredients. Rosewater softens, tones and conditions. It also eases acne and hydrates thirsty dry skin while boosting your mood!

Wild Lavender - calms burns and irritations. Lavender helps to even skin tone and assists in anti-aging.

Shake it up and spritz your beautiful face for a refreshing skin pick-me-up you'll become obsessed with.

As always 100% Organic & Cruelty Free