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Conjuring Joy ☆ Ritual Candle for happiness

Conjuring Joy ☆ Ritual Candle for happiness

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This beautiful candle was hand poured with the intentions of joy, vitality, happiness + peace within. 

Roses, Yarrow, Pepperweed, Tulsi + Pineapple Mint work together in harmony to surround your space with an energy that allows you to thrive. Roses + Yarrow allow for deep self love + compassion for the self. Pepperweed grounds you and allows you to tap into your higher spiritual plane of exisitence. Tulsi clears the mind of thoughts that no longer serve you allowing creativity + love to flow freely. A circle of Pineapple Mint is sprinkled around the candle to provide protection from outside influences + negative thinking.

A crown of Quartz amplifies all magick times 3. The number 3 in magick brings a strong vibration of creative self-expression, independence + playfulness.

Each candle comes in a magickal orange iridescent bowl that can be reused for herbal incense, resins, as an offering bowl and more.