Christmas Edition ☆ Energy Cleansing Kit

Christmas Edition ☆ Energy Cleansing Kit

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This twine wrapped bundle of Cedar, Dragon's Blood covered Sage and Palo Santo cleanses away negative energies and restores harmony and love in your space. 

Use one or all three to smudge yourself and your home to deflect negativity. Simply light one end on fire and let it go out. Use the smoke to cleanse, walking room to room. If you'd like to smudge yourself, start at your feet and work your way up to the top of your head. Inhale newness, light, hope and love and exhale all unwanted thoughts, feelings and energies. 

Each bundle comes adorn with a Crystal Quartz, a cottage rose and baby's breath. Crystal Quartz purifies the space after you smudge and infuses it with postive vibrations. 

Comes in a purple drawstring bag