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Bewitching Bouquet ☆ Burnable Bouquet

Bewitching Bouquet ☆ Burnable Bouquet

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Bewitching Bouquet ☆ Burnable Bouquet to enhance spellwork, bring prosperity + fill your heart with joy + magick.

This burnable bouquet is made of the summer's last harvest. Vibrant Lavender, Goldenrod, Sage Flower, Milk Thistle + Rose encourage deep self appreciation, stronger + more powerful spellwork and heightened spirituality. A sundried orange slice holds the last warmth of the season and brings you abundance, happiness + prosperity. Black Kyanite serves to protect you while doing spell work + creates a powerful orb to banish unwanted energies and spirits in your magick.

Made with Lavender, Goldenrod, Milk Thistle, Rose, Sun Dried Orange + Black Kyanite on a Lavender base. Light this bouquet bit by bit or all at once in a ceremonial fire.