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A Mother's Magick ☆ Gift Basket
A Mother's Magick ☆ Gift Basket
A Mother's Magick ☆ Gift Basket

A Mother's Magick ☆ Gift Basket

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A Mother's Magick

This enchanting little set was made to  honors a mother's magick and encourage her to embrace just how beautiful and power she is.

Included in your set::

Honor Thyself ritual candle: Light during your ritual bath and allow the candles flame to illuminate your beauty inside and out. Focus on all of the wonderful pieces of you.

Hormone Balancing Ritual Bath: Clary Sage, Cedar,  Lavender, Chrysanthemum, and Himalayan Salt to purify the body and mind while calming the nervous system. Add infused oil into your bath soak for velvety soft skin and nourishment for the soul.

Lavender, Clary Sage + Rose Tranquility  oil: Add to wrists, neck and bottoms of the feet to balance the hormones and bring tranquility

Lactation Tea: Dandelion Leaf, Rose + Red Raspberry Leaf

Magick Momma Balm: An all over head to toe healing balm for mom and baby

Amethyst: To bring peace, stability and calmness

☆☆☆ baskets and containers may vary ☆☆☆

Comes with moss and flowers for you to put together this beautiful gift basket